Prettifying makes inspecting the CSS easier, but very slighty changes the numbers.

You’ve probably wondered what hidden behind those kilobytes of CSS on your website. This analyzer will show you everything you want to know about your code and a whole lot more. Think Source Lines of Code, selector complexity and specificity or which CSS units are used the most. Anyone who audits CSS can’t do without these metrics. Here are some of the questions this analyzer will answer:

  • How many Source Lines of Code is my CSS?
  • What is the average Rule size of my CSS?
  • How many selectors are there in my largest Rule?
  • What is the highest selector specificity in my CSS?
  • How high is my total selector complexity?
  • Which CSS units are used?
  • What color formats are used the most?
  • How many unique colors are there in my CSS?
  • How many unique font-sizes are there in my CSS?
  • How many unique font-families are there in my CSS?

Anyway, you get the idea.