Project Wallace

It's analytics for CSS.

Project Wallace is a project aimed at gaining insights in your CSS over a longer period of time. It started a couple of years ago as a frustration with existing CSS analyzers that only do a one-time only analysis. Now Wallace is the place to go for developers who want to know if their complexicity has increased or for a designer who wants to know if all the correct colors and fonts are being used.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How is Project Wallace different from CSSStats, StyleStats, Parker and the like?

    History. That’s the most important bit. The difference is that Project Wallace keeps track of the metrics over time, so it is possible to see what is different from a month ago. The metrics and key concepts are pretty much the same, although Project Wallace has more advanced metrics than the others. In fact, Project Wallace would not have existed if it weren’t for the awesome work that the creators of those libraries have done.

  2. Who is behind this?

    Just me, Bart Veneman 👋. I am a developer from The Netherlands, trying to scratch my own itch. I work on Wallace in my free time. You can find me on Twitter, GitHub or CodePen.

  3. I found a bug, where do I report it?

    It's probably best to send feedback via Twitter, or to the GitHub repository of the tool you found a bug for.

  4. Who else knows a lot about this kinda stuff?

    Some awesome people I follow around these topics are:

    • Adam Morse (works on CSS Stats and occasionally tweets awesome ways of analyzing CSS),
    • John Otander is a core member of the CSS Stats team,
    • Brent Jackson is a design systems developer and part of the CSS Stats team,
    • Katie Fenn (developed Parker),
    • Harry Roberts (has a keen eye for analyzing anything really, but has written some very good posts about CSS in the past specifically).
  5. Do you have Open Source Projects?

    Funny you should ask. There's a whole page on that subject.

  6. Do you respect my privacy?

    Yes. We don't store more information than absolutely necessary to provide our service to you. We need your email to help you reset your password. The rest is up to you. Want to tell everyone your name? Sure, go ahead. Maybe even add a small bio? By our guest. Want to play around with CSS statistics silently? Totally fine.

  7. Are you making lots of money with Project Wallace?

    No. There is only a handful of paying customers. There are no advertisements. For now this is just me paying for pretty much all of this. I will continue to do so until I think it will become too costly or until this becomes a profitable side project.

  8. Can I try Project Wallace for free?

    Sure you can! Everyone should be able to give Project Wallace a test run before you get invested in it.

  9. Will you sell all my data and your soul to some data-hungry third party?

    No. I would not want to that to happen with my own data too. You are not the product. Project Wallace is the product and if money needs to be involved in keeping this thing alive, well, you folks will need to start paying 😉

    Also, check your ad-blocker. You'll notice that there aren't any trackers or ads running. I hate them too.

  10. This is so cool, can I give you my money? 💸

    YES! You can sponsor me and support my efforts to make this a must-have tool for any developer.

  11. Can I cancel my subscription?

    Sure. Go to your account settings and smash that big bad button to return your account to the Free subscription.